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MAGNOLIA, Texas , Oct. 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- The Kistler Rods™ brand is a leader in quality, hand-crafted fishing rods. Anglers enjoy fishing with highly sensitive, strong and quality-built Kistler Rods products. Kistler Rods are fun to use and less fatiguing; and they put more fish in the boat. Silstar Graphite Rods

Kistler Introduces $150 High-end GRAPHITE Rods

Kistler is well-known as a top-of-the-line fishing rod manufacturer with great features. To complement the high-end rods the company is famous for, Kistler Rods designed a rod series at a very sought-after price point — without sacrificing style, sensitivity and strength.

"At $150 , the Kistler GRAPHITE rod is our most affordable rod. We're proud to offer a rod crafted in America at Kistler headquarters in Magnolia, TX ," says company president Trey Kistler .

Every GRAPHITE rod is Kistler-Crafted™ by hand — built, wrapped, glued, and finished by the team in the Magnolia, Texas facility. The rods are backed by the Trey Kistler Warranty Promise for one-year free replacement.

More than 60 anglers used the GRAPHITE rods in real, on-the-water testing for several months prior to the full release. The feedback is overwhelming:

"After several trips to the lake and really giving it a true test, I can honestly say you will not be disappointed. The rod is super light, extremely sensitive and powerful," reports Kevin Patin .

Greg (RAPPAYAK) Rappaport added, "I'm impressed and didn't have to shell out hundreds of dollars the other pro rod manufacturers charge. … A winner all around Kistler!!! Thanks."

Kistler is proud to offer these crafted-in-America rods. Learn more about the GRAPHITE rods.

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Kistler Introduces $150 High-end GRAPHITE Rods

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