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Home Gym Essentials for CrossFit and Functional Fitness Athletes (Checklist) | BOXROX

These home gym essentials for CrossFit and functional fitness athletes will help you get kitted out for optimal performance and success at home.

They have been chosen to give you the most bang for your buck, and can be altered according to your available funds, space and training preferences.

The Pull Up bar is a simple and affordable piece of kit that any home CrossFit Garage Gym owner can easily set up and use.

The exercise will strengthen the lats, traps, delts and arms.

The Barbell is a staple for all athletes if you want to get a fully rounded training program.

With or without a rack, there are many ways to include this popular and essential training tool into your home gym.

There are numerous benefits to including barbell exercises in your life.

If you are a CrossFit or Olympic Weightlifting athlete then bumper plates are essential.

If you have a barbell then you will need a pair of these.

Also known as clips, they attach to the collars of the barbell and keep your bumper plates locked in place.

Kettlebells are an excellent choice if you are short on space and still want to train hard.

You will need more space, but if you have it then gymnastic rings are versatile, highly effective and open up a complete plethora of new training opportunities.

The next obvious expansions would come in the form of racks (squat, power, bench) and machines (ski erg, rower, assault bike, trueform etc).

These require much more space and budget, but each one is always an excellent personal investment into your own health and fitness.

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Home Gym Essentials for CrossFit and Functional Fitness Athletes (Checklist) | BOXROX

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