The SkinGun sprays on stem cells from your skin for a new, experimental treatment in advanced wound... [+] care. (Image courtesy of RenovoCare.)

An experimental treatment that sprays on your own stem cells to treat second degree burns and wounds is one of the latest trends in advanced wound care medicine. High Quality Power Glue Gun

This Device Sprays On Your Own Stem Cells To Heal Wounds Faster

According to research firm, Markets and Markets, the advanced wound care market is expected to grow to $ 14.9 billion by 2020. Advanced wound care is anything outside of standard wound care treatments such as collagen products, antimicrobial dressings, foam dressings, hydrogels, etc.

The new device, the SkinGun, looks more like a glue gun than what you might expect from a medical device. The way it works is that a patient's stem cells are removed from a small skin sample about the size of postage stamp and are mixed in a water-based solution that's then injected via syringe into the SkinGun. The device then sprays a fine mist over the wound and the misted on stem cells form small islands over the wound. As the stem cell islands get larger, they connect to each other and form a protective interlocking layer over the wound. Think of a dome-like effect over your wound protecting the wound from infection at the same time kickstarting the healing process.

"The prospect of spraying a patient’s own stem cells onto burns and wounds to create rapid, scar-free healing is a promising alternative to today’s painful and disfiguring skin grafting procedures. For patients, we are working towards natural, rapid healing where their new skin can look and function as well as it once did," said Thomas Bold, President and CEO, RenovaCare, Inc. “For surgeons, it’s a relief to no longer have to remove vast sheets of healthy skin and surgically stitch it to wound sites."

This Device Sprays On Your Own Stem Cells To Heal Wounds Faster

Wholesale Glue Gun The SkinGun device is not in clinical trials and not approved for use in the United States, but physicians in Berlin have treated burn patients as part of experimental wound healing studies.