impact acoustic® and atelier oï sculpt sound-absorbing luminaire

Impact Acoustic, a provider of sustainable acoustic solutions, and Swiss design studio atelier oï present Oloïd, a sculptural and sound-absorbing luminaire guided by intuitive design. The product harnesses the capabilities of ARCHISONIC® Felt, a versatile acoustic material made from upcycled PET bottles, to deliver high-performing sound absorption properties while promoting sustainability and responsible material sourcing. Beyond performance, Oloïd boasts a captivating aesthetic inspired by organic folds, almost recalling the flutter of butterfly wings. The dynamic design is further enhanced by a carefully curated selection of all 32 colors in the ARCHISONIC® Felt range, allowing architects to personalize spaces and create immersive environments.

all images Constantin Mirbach, courtesy Impact Acoustic Sound Baffles

impact acoustic® and atelier oï sculpt sound-absorbing luminaire

‘At atelier oï, we often begin our creative process with an encounter with the material,’ shares studio co-founder Aurel Aebi. ‘Our goal was to find a way to make the sustainable material speak in a new way.‘ The encounter occurred at the Impact Acoustic offices and workshops, where the studio fully familiarized itself with the ARCHISONIC® Felt panels. Through cutting, milling, and drilling, the designers pushed the material’s limits, testing its stiffness and flatness before giving its initially rigid anatomy a whole new character. Impact Acoustic co-founder Sven Erni elaborates on the production process, stating that the team used a distinctive cutting technique at specific angles before skillfully folding the two-dimensional panels into three-dimensional, modular entities. 

Oloïd luminaire by atelier oï

‘To echo the philosophy of Impact acoustic, it was important for us to offer a mono-material product with easily removable and changeable parts,‘ continues the team. Efficient, innovative, and aesthetically dynamic, the Oloïd luminaire offers a transformative lighting experience that couples functionality with artistic expression. Its one-of-a-kind acoustic design redefines the way light and sound interact, enhancing the ambiance of any space. More importantly, ARCHISONIC®’s generous color palette — from lively electric tones to calmer hues — offers users the choice of customization. 

turning 2D ARCHISONIC® panels into 3D entities

reimagining the lighting design experience

Impact Acoustic partnered with Swedish studio atelier oï

testing the material’s limits, i.e. flatness and stiffness

using a folding technique to create organic shapes

prototypes of the Oloïd luminaire

name: Oloïd luminaire 

design: atelier oï | @atelier_oi

brand: Impact Acoustic | @impactacoustic

material: ARCHISONIC® Felt panels 

impact acoustic® and atelier oï sculpt sound-absorbing luminaire

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