Timbur, founded by husband and wife duo Ezra and Ania Ardolino, is expanding its original Stack collection with new furniture and accessories, from sculptural consoles to tabletop objects. The collection is named after the studio’s signature stack lamination process, where sheets of raw Baltic birch plywood are stack laminated to create a large volume of material. Those blocks are CNC machined into an approximate form of the final design and then 3-dimensionally re-machined, assembled, and finished – ultimately pushing the boundaries of what standard, raw plywood can achieve.

I don’t think we’ll ever stop adding new pieces to the Stack collection. We’re constantly exploring new ways to approach the stack lamination process and discovering new opportunities for applying it at different scales, styles, and forms. It’s in my nature to push the boundaries of what can be done with digital fabrication, and these new pieces are a product of that innate curiosity. Poplar Plywood

Furniture Pieces Made by Stacking Sheets and Sheets of Plywood

Timbur has scaled up its stack lamination technique to create a range of new pieces, including a pair of tabletop objects, a columnar stool, two credenzas, and two sculptural mirrors. The new work joins the Stack collection’s inaugural seat, stool, and bench.

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Furniture Pieces Made by Stacking Sheets and Sheets of Plywood

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