End-of-Line Packaging Market Size & Share to Surpass $6.8 Billion by 2028 | Vantage Market Research

WASHINGTON, Jan. 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Global End-of-Line Packaging Market is valued at USD 5.5 Billion in 2021 and is projected to reach a value of USD 6.8 Billion by 2028 at a CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) of 3.7% over the forecast period 2022-2028.

State ahead are the key factors anticipated to accelerate the End-of-Line Packaging market growth over the forecast period, according to Vantage Market Research. The market for End-of-Line Packaging is expected to rise at a promising rate thanks to expanding cross-border trade activity driven by e-commerce. Furthermore, a significant element driving up demand for End-of-Line Packaging solutions is the growing need to enhance workplace conditions through automation. Pe Coated Paper Cups

End-of-Line Packaging Market Size & Share to Surpass $6.8 Billion by 2028 | Vantage Market Research

We forecast that the automatic category in End-of-Line Packaging market sales will account for more than 55% of total sales by 2028. The main benefit of autonomous packing technology is that it saves businesses money and time on labor. By using this method, less manual labor is required, and more exact packaging is possible.

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Market expansion will be fueled by rising demand for automation The extensive use of online shopping and the internet, which has transformed the world into a global marketplace, has resulted in considerable demand for items worldwide. There must be supplies because both essentials and luxuries are necessary. For instance, the world's population will grow significantly during the projection period. As a result, there will be an increase in food demand and food security. End-of-line automation is required to effectively distribute the innovation and manage all standard requirements so that there is never a food scarcity or a minor surplus of a necessary good for the entire population.

Need for Advanced Robotics in the Manufacturing sector will Spur Growth Robot turns are increasingly being presented in bundle formats to improve flood production. End-of-line bundling automated frameworks increase overall creation effectiveness. Mechanical structures used in End-of-Line Packaging further reduce the need for selecting, palletizing, and other physically demanding tasks. An automated arm enables increased generation efficiency, which results in excellent investment returns and reduced operating costs. Because it reduces the risk of injury, end-of-line bundling uses mechanical arms to handle lightweight bundling. The benefits of end-of-line bundling with mechanical arm mechanization push decision-makers in several industries to implement these frameworks. As a result, the growth of the worldwide End-of-Line Packaging market is boosted.

Top Players in the Global End-of-Line Packaging Market

DS Smith PLC (United Kingdom)

Synerlink (A Barry-Wehmiller Company) (France)

Clearpack India Pvt.Ltd.(India)

OPTIMA packaging group GmbH (Germany)


Quin Systems Ltd (United Kingdom)

J+P Maschinenbau GmbH (Germany)

EOL Packaging Experts GmbH (Germany)

Hualian Machinery Group Co. Ltd. (China)

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Top Trends in Global End-of-Line Packaging Market

One trend that Vantage Market Research (VMR) expects to see in the End-of-Line Packaging industry is expanding, as are the retail and e-commerce sectors. The rapid growth of e-commerce and retail has increased customer demand for goods in attractive packaging. End-of-Line Packaging increases package efficacy, which is essential for creating lucrative market expansion potential.

Another trend that VMR predicts will continue in the End-of-Line Packaging industry is rising demand within the food business: It is anticipated that during the anticipated timeframe, the End-of-Line Packaging market will profit from rising needs in the manufacturing food and beverage industry. Since foods and other beverage products need to be properly packaged for retail trade displays, covered, branded, and cartooned, it is frequently used in the food industry to make those products.

Based on the Technology Industry, most of the End-of-Line Packaging market's revenue is controlled by the automatic category. Major elements that will encourage the growth of this category include the expanding popularity of industry 4.0 trends and the packaging industry's increasing usage of automation.

Based on Order Type, most of the End-of-Line Packaging market's revenue is controlled by the customized order category. End-of-line businesses are progressively choosing customized packaging solutions. Demand from the received order type sector is anticipated to rise throughout the projected period as firms choose standardized solutions to increase End-of-Line Packaging efficiency.

Based on Function, most of the End-of-Line Packaging market's revenue is controlled by the standalone category. Automatic or semi-automatic standalone machines work in a line without the assistance of other pieces of equipment. Self-contained machines are typically preferred by new market entrants that want to keep their cash flow healthy.

Based on the End Users, most of the End-of-Line Packaging market's revenue is controlled by the food and beverages category. In this industry vertical, rising food and beverage consumption is anticipated to fuel End-of-Line Packaging demand, and rising population levels are anticipated to support this market's expansion.

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Recent Developments in the Global End-of-Line Packaging Market

In 2021, ProMach acquired Serpa Packing, a leading cartooning and End-of-Line solutions provider. ProMach's line connectivity and specialized corrugated boxes integral solution for rapidly developing pharma enterprises is substantially improved with the addition of Serpa's automation cartooning equipment.

ProMach, a packaging machinery manufacturer, purchased Serpa Packaging, a cartooning and end-of-line solutions supplier, in February 2021. By acquiring Serpa, ProMach can offer automated cartooning systems and increase its line integration and specialized secondary packaging machinery for the expanding pharmaceutical business.

Automatic Category in End-of-Line Packaging Market to Generate Over 67% Revenue The market of End-of-Line Packaging is an expensive investment. Vantage Market Research has analyzed the market for End-of-Line Packaging to understand its current state and potential future growth factors. Based on the technology, the End-of-Line Packaging market is divided into automatic and semi-automatic for better understanding.

During the forecast period, the market for End-of-Line Packaging is anticipated to experience the highest CAGR for the automatic category. Where there is a strong demand for product safety, such as when packing fragile fresh fruit, automatic machines are frequently employed in the food and beverage packaging industry. An entirely hands-free machine only requires the operator to reload it or occasionally replenish its supply of materials.

On the other hand, the semi-automatic category is anticipated to grow significantly. The most prevalent kind of EOL machine is semi-automatic. Usually, two operators are needed to operate the machinery: one to load the product into the package and the other to operate the machinery itself. As long as the packing material is available, semi-automated machines may operate continuously, increasing their production rate over manual ones.

Europe Region in End-of-Line Packaging Market to Generate More 33.3% Revenue Europe dominates the market throughout the projection period. The growth of the dairy, pharmaceutical, and packing equipment industries will significantly impact the End-of-Line Packaging industry in this nation. Productivity, efficiency, and handling safety must all be improved. There is substantial demand. Automated equipment at the end of the line can help satisfy these rising demands.

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Global End-of-Line Packaging Market Segmentation

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ProMach Inc., DS Smith PLC, ENDFLEX, Shemesh Automation Ltd., Synerlink (A Barry-Wehmiller Company), Rovema GmbH, Clearpack India Pvt. Ltd., OPTIMA packaging group GmbH, Infinity Automated Solutions Pvt. Ltd., nVenia LLC, ADCO Manufacturing, WestRock Company, Endoline Automation, Uhlmann Pac-Systeme, Stevanato Group, Quin Systems Ltd, Tekpak Automation, J+P Maschinenbau GmbH, EOL Packaging Experts GmbH, Hualian Machinery Group Co. Ltd.

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Top Companies in End-of-line Packaging Market by Size, Share, Historical and Future Data & CAGR

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