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Offshore Electronics has announced it will provide design for manufacture support and PCB assembly services to Fireco, a supplier and manufacturer of fire door compliance devices and solutions. The move consolidates much of Fireco’s PCBA procurement, with the company having used several suppliers prior to signing its new contract with the Guernsey-based CEM.

Fireco says its range has become a staple of modern building safety and compliance since first being introduced in the early 1990s. Despite this success, the product’s circuitry is now in need of a major update to maintain its  position in the market. The agreement with Offshore – which covers current and future projects throughout 2023 – will also ensure the range’s pro devices work seamlessly with Fireco’s proprietary site manager software. Pick And Place Technology

PCB Design and assembly agreement - Plant & Works Engineering

Fireco’s Dorgard and Freedor products automatically close when a building’s alarm systems are triggered. This allows a business to leave its fire doors open, if desired, while still complying with building regulations. The company has manufactured three variants of this product over almost three decades, but will now incorporate greater functionality into a single all-purpose solution due to be released in 2023.

The agreement comes at a crucial time for both businesses. Fireco has grown significantly since 2020 and is expecting continued significant growth throughout 2023. Offshore, meanwhile, has recently invested in new production machinery, including a Yamaha Z:LEX YSM20R modular pick and place machine, effectively doubling the number of components it’s able to place each month.

Mark Challacombe, Fireco’s purchasing manager, points out the decision to consolidate PCB assembly was down to Offshore’s ‘extra as standard’ approach. He said: “I’ve worked with many CEMs throughout my career, but the team at Offshore have consistently outperformed their competitors. There’s a wealth of in-house knowledge and an attention to detail that can be lacking with other outsourced partners. I was unable to appoint the company in a previous role and really noticed the difference, so it made sense to bring the company back on board for this important project. Now we have a dedicated partner in tune with Fireco’s plans”.

Dan Attewell, Offshore’s director, added: “Offshore’s NPI process is proven and will take Fireco’s range to the next level during an important period of growth. Our close supplier relationship will keep the project running to schedule, and a new pick-and- place machine will vastly increase output once we’ve settled on a new board design. The way CEMs work with customers has changed over the last three years but we’ve always adopted a value-added mindset. It’s validating to see this approach pay off with an exciting new contract”.

HOVAL has announced it has launched a new range of TopVent decentralised roof ventilation units, specifically designed to meet the needs of modern logistics operations, production halls and retail ‘sheds’. Building on the popularity of the tried-and-tested TopVent units, the company says this new range is especially suitable for applications where undisturbed operation within the building is of paramount importance.

CP ELECTRONICS says its new family of high bay presence detectors provide enhanced energy savings through precise light control and long range detection capability. Available with multi pyro detection components, specifically positioned in combination with a multi-faceted lens design ensures a vast detection range.

The UK’s largest provider of design, manufacture and support services for heat exchanger and boiler equipment has reportedly been created through a new partnership between Green’s and THORNHILL.

MAKITA reports it has introduced additional mains powered grinders to its range offering many features and benefits for the operator. There are various models in the 115mm and 125mm range all of which feature a new design of slim-line machine body. The company says this provides the best possible ergonomic grip around the barrel which has a perfect circumference and shape, and allows convenient and comfortable grip for best possible comfort and machine control. All models feature the new design of wheel cover which can be moved to any desired position for protection whilst the grinding wheel is exposed for work. The wheel cover position can be altered without the need for tools. The spindle lock button is conveniently placed on top of the transmission housing.

With an operating temperature range from -54°C to 165°C, the Type 8766A miniature triaxial accelerometers from KISTLER INSTRUMENTS are said to be ideal for use in harsh environments such as automotive engine bay and under vehicle measurements, aerospace subsystem vibration testing and industrial quality control applications.

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PCB Design and assembly agreement - Plant & Works Engineering

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